Because, dammit, there have been some awesome rants out there lately. You haven't read them? It's about time you did.

Check it out. Fantastic character interpretation and fandom reviews regarding:

Madame de Pompadour and "Girl in the Fireplace" by [ profile] ambitious_woman: here.

Jack Harkness and his relationship with the Torchwood Irregulars by [ profile] quitehomoerotic: here.

EDIT: Ianto Jones and his relationship with fandom and Jack by [ profile] hofficoffi: here.

So, since I want to be on this party wagon, I've decided to write up a little bit about the Tenth Doctor.

The Tenth Doctor:

Cut to save your flists )
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( May. 22nd, 2009 04:11 pm)

I've been so behind these last few weeks! *struggles to keep up*
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( Mar. 13th, 2009 05:45 pm)

And hey! If you've got stories you love, share them, too! I try my best to include one person every week I've never recc'd before, but I don't know everybody! Save the links to a few of your favorite stories over the week and post 'em for me. I love having new material to read!
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( Dec. 12th, 2008 07:38 pm)

Also! I've been nominated for the Children of Time fanfiction awards!

I've been nominated in a few categories for my ficlets:

Not One Line
(for Romance, Drama, and Time Travel)
So Close
(for Romance, Drama, and Ficlet)
Dream Time During The Apocalypse
(for Romance, Dark/Angst, and Ficlet)
and for Dancing At The Sugar Shack
(for Humour, Crackfic [???], and Ficlet)

Please head on over and vote!

Other awesome people nominated that you should go vote for!
Wishingwillow for Fabric and Sin
Samfeasor for More Than An Echo Series
Melissa_228 for The Long Path
Versaphile for Praxis
and azriona for The Crossroads Series

This is me, also totally reccing these ficlets, too!

Also known as the "sex and humor" week, as there are a ridiculous number of humorous and sexy stories on there. There are a few more serious, too.

I also make it a goal every week to rec someone I've never recc'd before. Woot woot!

Oh, and I wanted to ask, once a month we do our "special week" thing over at [ profile] ficrecfriday, does anyone have any suggestions for new special things?

Hope you all are enjoying your weekends! Don't forget to tip your waitresses!
So I'm heading out in all of five minutes for a date/club/thing where people try to make me be social. I hate being real sometimes.

My recs! You all rock!

As it is, this week I've only [ profile] ficrecfriday recc'd two DW prompt-stories so I can catch everyone up on the fun things I've been reading on Teaspoon and not feel like an utter heel towards my non-DW friends. I used to put them in every fic rec, but since switching over to the comm I don't do that anymore. Anyhoo, here are my recs and a few of my favorites. =D

Pages From A Broken Book Series by azirona (spoilers for 4.13)
This was originally recc'd to me by [ profile] ambitious_woman. I've been enjoying this immensely. It's a very different take on the post s4-finale and what happens next, especially to that character that was introduced that I despised UNTIL I read this.

Big Shock by skyhaitrist (spoilers up to 4.07)
STFU. It is not easy being a Ten/Donna shipper, much less finding fic that's really good. Here we go! Funny, touching, and sweet!

Ricky Smith by rallalon
Mickey, some Mickey/Jake
This is a great story. Wonderfully written, imaginative, and feels entirely true to Mickey. I like how everything doesn't fall into a perfect little world for him, it makes him that much more interesting.

Praxis by versaphile
Ten/Jack, Ten/Lucy, Ten/Simm!Master, NC-17
This was originally reccomended to me by [ profile] dr_y_a_n_a. It's not an easy read, full of mindgames and disturbing imagery, but it's good enough and feels right enough that I'm almost willing to consider it fanon for the Doctor (gotta see what they do in the next chapter!)

Miniature Disasters by Carmen Sandiego
Eight/Romana II, some Ten/Martha and Ian/Barbara
This is just pure crack. BABIES, I TELL YOU. BABIES.

Water Music by azriona
Ten/River, OC
[ profile] ambitious_woman hass been pressing me to read this for weeks now, and I finally have. I normally hate OC companions HATE HATE HATE, but this one is charming and fun and the whole story is wonderfully put together!

EDIT Cause WTF, I did have this on my notepad version of this post, but I apparently failed to C&P it before running out last night.

Postcards from the Edge of Everywhere by lollobrigida
Ten, Donna
A beautiful companion piece to one of my ficlets. It's wonderful all on its own as well. I couldn't have asked for better. <3
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( Jul. 4th, 2008 01:36 pm)
Sorry about being so absent, lately. Things should start calming down at work, soon. Just tryin' to cram in a lot of new info at once.

Also, is it Saturday yet? How will the finale end? Is Donna really Sutekh???? REMEMBER TO WATCH "JOURNEY'S END" TOMORROW AT 6.40 PM BST ON BBC ONE!
Hey, sorry for all of the slow threads and missed tags, I've just started my new job and it's drained me. But! I have a three day weekend and I'll be catching up as much as I can.

Rather than three things and a lizard, I actually have two things and a reccomendation post.

1) I've overhauled the tracking community for myself and [ profile] ambitious_woman and I'm working on listing all of the threads her and I have done for our various universes over the last few years. If you enjoy alt!Ten's 'verse, check it out: [ profile] marked_by_you. *squishy love to Reinette!mun, without whom alt!Ten would never have existed*

2) I was working on a prompt yesterday and once completed I realized I had done the exact same thing mid last year. After nearly two years of writing the Doctor, I'm worried I'm repeating myself. So! Here's the question: What have I not done in ficlets that you'd like to see? Is there a pairing you want? A series I've let slide you want finished? An event the Doctor should go to? Please comment with your suggestions, or email me at naughtygirlslikepolka AT gmail DOT com. =)

Rec Post)

Please join and recommend people you love. =D
I'm not exaggerating when I tell y'all this is the THIRD time I have written this up. I usually keep a notepad open on my computer and when I find something I like, I add it. Yeah, my computer's been doing this crashing thing, so I've only got a quarter of what I originally had. I'm so sorry! And Megs, can you link me to that Reinette!hate!fic parody? I want to rec that like whoa.


Doctor Who

MITS Response: Lover I Don't Have To Love by [ profile] imatwat
CT Response: Trust by [ profile] banished_dame
Cover Stories by ChristinaK (crossover with Firefly)
Mirrors by rosa_acicularis
Bad Moon Rising by [ profile] hofficoffi
AU Muses Response: Might Break You by [ profile] lastgallifreyan
MTM Response: Three Words by [ profile] banished_dame
MGW Response: Replace Your Muse... by [ profile] his_sarah_jane
CT Response: Sacrifices for a relationship by [ profile] ambitious_woman
OS Response: Beginnings by [ profile] ninewho

Other Fandoms

Darkening My Doorstep by [ profile] occupymymind
TM Response: Never Pray for Justice by [ profile] c_macaulay
TM Response: I swear I didn't put those... by [ profile] john_h_holliday
WAM! Response: I sold my soul by [ profile] ohgodkillme_now
ULY Response: I'm Broken by [ profile] im_notlikethem
TM Response: Mad by [ profile] john_ispyro
Have I mentioned how ridiculously excited I am for April 4th? Also, wtf is going on with Torchwood? Why is it so good? Wednesday's episode made me cry. My heart is a dried up little rotten apple of cynicism, why was I crying? Anyhoo, here's my sort-of weekly rec post!

Doctor Who

MITS Response: Catch of Breath by [ profile] ambitious_woman
TM Response: Sleeping on the Couch by [ profile] thisway_comes
CT Response: What would your child look like? by [ profile] broken_clock
OS Response Beginning by [ profile] ninewho
TM Response: Sleeping on the Couch by [ profile] eleventh_doctor

Other Fandoms

TM Response: Sleeping on the couch by [ profile] valrichards
Jealousy by [ profile] pinkhairedauror
Infinite Regret by [ profile] fightsinfront
MITS Response: Pleasure welled up in my throat... by [ profile] huntersdaughter (NC-17)
Assassination Attempt on Senator Kelly by [ profile] mutantwatch, [ profile] shaman_x, [ profile] tm_northstar, and [ profile] john_ispyro

What would totally rock my world? If you guys reply with posts you think are awesome that I missed. I'd love to read more, and I love to see writers who are credited for great work!
Heyo. It's been a tough week sorry to be so neglectful of prompts/threads, I'm handling some severe health issues. Also, where are my Who muses at? It seems so many of y'all have gotten quiet! I'm thinking the new season'll wake the muses up. I hope so, at least!

Doctor Who

Trying to Communicate by [ profile] sam_storyteller <=== A MUST READ FOR TW AND NON-TW FANS ALIKE!
Vengence by [ profile] lizbee
CT Response by [ profile] sinister_charm
TBS Response: Great plan! by [ profile] shot_my_shoes
A Proper Definition by [ profile] tastefulfashion

Other Fandoms

TM Response: A Lie My Father Told Me by [ profile] onewingbloody
Body Swap Storyline by [ profile] fullonobiwan
TM Response: A Lie Your Parents Told You by [ profile] alan_shore
TM Response: If YOu Could Buy A Magic Potion... by [ profile] r_vecchio
WM Response: Revenge by [ profile] takezo_kensei
WM Response: Doesn't Change The Way You Feel... by [ profile] autohomicide
WM Response: Let He Who Desires Peace... by [ profile] fightsinfront
Sorry this one's a little late, but I've been collecting my favorites for the last two weeks as I've been out of town and such! So here they are! I'm still rather sick as a dog, so I apologize for this one's brevity. If you can't tell, I'm rather partial to that [ profile] mind_the_muse prompt "Five Days You Never Had And One You Did"...brilliant stuff comes out of that! Hopefully there'll be a longer list next week!

Doctor Who

MTM Response: Shatter And Rebuild by [ profile] savagestime
Heights by rosa_acicularis
Tall Tales by rosa_acicularis
The End by [ profile] not_from_mars
TM Response: Impossible by [ profile] susanwho (extra points for fulfilling the "Doctor, virginity" prompt!)
TM Response: Ring by [ profile] ambitious_woman
Between Ash and Reprieve by kiwimouse
First of the Gang to Die by my_lonely_angel (spoilers for Torchwood 2.07 "Dead Man Walking")

Other Fandoms

TM Response: A Lie Your Parents Told You by [ profile] john_h_holliday
MTM Response: Five Days You Never Had... by [ profile] vote4nathan
MTM Response: Five Days You Never Had... by [ profile] lovely_damage
MTM Response: Five Days You Never Had... by [ profile] likeaparfet
Slower week in reading for me, I'm afraid. Been too busy to sit down and read properly like I want to! Just got out of an inventory and it's, what? 4am over here? No time at home at all today, been out since 8am. Figured I'd do something productive and give a few recs before I fall into a comatose state. And my cat is all asleep on my feet so if I move just yet he'll wake up and stop being cute.

Doctor Who

TM Respose: Seduction by [ profile] aces_are_rare
She's the One by [ profile] imatwat
TS Response: Ten Kisses by [ profile] unearthlysusan
AC Response: Put It Behind You by [ profile] clever_wanderer
(and a few older ones I had to make note of)
Hall of Mirrors Series by wmr
TM Response: Sorrow In The World by [ profile] walksineternity
ROTM Response: Electric Blue by [ profile] hofficoffi

Other Fandoms

MGW Response: Mine by [ profile] takezo_kensei
TM Response: Seduction by [ profile] _fredless
WM Response: Her Story by [ profile] fightsinfront
TM Response: Fragile by [ profile] im_notlikethem
You have been reading the ongoing story by [ profile] grissom_tm, right? Latest chapter.
I've decided that once a week or so I will put up a post of some of my favorite ficlets I've read lately. I think my flist doesn't realize I really do read y'all and love what I read. Here are some of my favorites, and some other ficlets/stories I've read elsewhere as well. Please don't consider NOT being on here an insult, these are just a few of the fics I found to be extraordinary and needed to be fangirled and pimped! You'll see a lot of my personal fandom in this one, but others will be pimped as well! =)

Doctor Who

Ten Things That Are Absolutely True About Martha Jones... by Branwyn (Teaspoon)
Dead Worlds by Branwyn (Teaspoon)
ROTM Prompt: Popularity by [ profile] tastefulfashion
FM Prompt: Ten Things You Won't Willingly Talk About by [ profile] his_sarah_jane
aaaaand a last minute addition:
OMP Prompt: Kiss Him Again... by [ profile] ambitious_woman

Other Fandoms

MTM Prompt: I try to tell her but she just won't believe by [ profile] redhuntergirl
Writers Muses Prompt: Ones You Never Expect by [ profile] little_immie
TM Prompt: Seduction by [ profile] eternityticking


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