Continued from here.



"Nah, I've never been particularly good with Christmas," he said. "Always did enjoy it, but never quite understood it. Yates always told me I was a bit too alien."

He looked over to the creature, the one that still looked like Donna. He wondered, privately, what she was doing right now. Was she celebrating? Hiding from a hangover?

"Besides, nobody wants a strange man showing up on their Christmas, do they?"
Continued from here.



The Doctor expects the teleportation and actually opens his mouth to protest. When it doesn't come, though, he has to admit being a little disappointed. Hiro was particularly good at getting them out of very tight situations, why hasn't he pulled them out now?

"Hiro?" He turns back, seeing Hiro's hand frozen mid-gesture. His eyes go from Hiro to the crystal hovering near them, and then back.

"Hiro!" he says, more firmly. "Listen to me. Can you hear me?"
Continued from here



With his words, the Doctor immediately decided that yes, he did like Alan Jackson. Anyone who was willing to go out of their comfort zones and take the extra step to save the world earned extra points in the Doctor's Yes-I-Like-You book.

And he was protecting his daughter. The Doctor silently envied him that ability.

"Allons-y," he said, turning towards the UN building and starting off at a quick jog, hoping that finding Alan running to begin with meant he wasn't already gassed.
Continued from here.



The Doctor scrambled awkwardly to his feet, took half a step back away from Lucy, and tried for all the world to look like he had not only meant to do that, but it was all right that it had happened.

"You all right?" he asked.

That could've been more awkward. He wasn't entirely certain how it could've been more awkward, but...somehow it could've.
Continued from here.



The Doctor beamed at Wilf. Good to know where Donna got her adventerous spirit from. It certainly wasn't her mother. The Doctor panicked internally that Sylvia might magically show up and yell at the two of them, but he decided he'd worry about that when the time came.

He followed the device's signal, gesturing for Wilf to follow. While the signal simply seemed to lead in a straight line, even two blocks down the Doctor noticed they hadn't managed to get closer to it.

"And we have odd occurrence number two." He paused. "Odd occurrence. I like that. Anyway, it looks like the signal's either changed, moved, or it's moving along with us. We're not getting closer."
Continued from here.



"Plans?" the Doctor called over to her, saying the word as though it were some foreign idea he'd never heard before. He rolled over on the ice and another tentacle smacked down hard, forming another long crack.

"Right now, plan #1: Get away from this thing before it pulls us both under water. All other plans come later. Let's stick with plan #1 for now!"
Continued from here.



"That's good," the Doctor said, picking up on Donna's psychic waves. He could feel her emotions, and he was surprised by how much calm she was radiating with her thoughts. He wasn't that surprised, though. Donna was brilliant.

"Now, try introducing yourself. Some species won't even open up communications without proper introductions. A bit silly, maybe, but it's true."
The holidays are here again! If you'd like a Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/Yule/Solstice/Otherstide gift from my character, please post the name of your character here and it'll be delivered just in time for the holidays!

Don't forget to post this to your own journal to share the holiday cheer!




Christmas Eve. 2009.

The Doctor loved Christmas! Back when he was a wee Time Lord, the first place he ever landed was London on Christmas Eve. He promised himself he'd never miss another Christmas ever, but that promise went into the same pile as "Lose weight" and "Regenerate a better hairline" and "Stop leaving companions in other universes". But the Doctor had never quite gotten the hang of New Years'. (He once spent several hours commiserating on the similarity between the confusing nature of New Years and Thursdays with one Arthur Dent, who will sadly not be appearing in this piece of narrative. -editor)

But! Through all his travels in space and time, he still hadn't quite figured out what Christmas was for exactly. Except as a yearly excuse for turkey, too much wine, and plum pudding (all of which the Doctor approved of). This year, though, as he strode the streets on this wonderful Christmas Eve, the Doctor decided he would figure out exactly what Christmas was all about.

This may or may not have included use of a intergalactic manipulative detector and a full pack of radio stellar isotopian crystals. Oh, and a cup of hot chocolate. In a festively-coloured cup.

There was a lovely light snow, and the Doctor grinned madly at the stars. Christmas. This year, he was going to figure out what it was all about.


OOC: Open thread, feel free to tag in as if your character is a passerby or as if your character is a long-standing companion! I'll be working on this thread up until the New Year, most likely! Everyone from any verse (or no verse!) is welcome, just let me know if you'd prefer it from a community or specific universe! And, for this thread, threadhopping is totally welcome!

Happy Holidays, everyone! &hearts
Dear Father Christmas
Dear Mr. Claus
Santa Me Mate!
To Whom It May Concern:

Now, I know you're getting quite a few of these letters this year (though probably not as many as last year considering the age development into the non-believing years of teenagers and the lack of writing skills in today's youths---did you notice that? I find it positively ridiculous! Also, the non-believing years are getting younger, too!---sorry, getting off topic) so I'll make this as short as possible.

Firstly, I would like to say how incredibly disappointed I was in last year's gifts from you. I distinctly wrote that I wanted a Detrahydrocorpro Meter 543C Class, and instead I got a Hydrocoro-semipro Meter 433 Class. Might as well have just given me a sock tied up to a string for all the good it would do my TARDIS! I very nearly didn't write this year, I was so disappointed! And I was so good last year, too! I saved the universe multiple times and only really managed to break two people's hearts in the process. And Martha moved on! Did you see?

So! I think this year you'll simply have to owe me. Which is good, because what I want isn't all that easy to find. I want a new B-0rg temporal transmitter, and none of your 52nd century rubbish, I want one that will actually last a few centuries before burning out. There's an exact model I want and here's a drawing and the link to the current bidding options on the local multiverse computer channels.

And here's the link.

Now, I know that this is hardly a cheap gift, so I've made a list of the reasons why you (the gift giving father of Christmas) should give me (the do-gooding Doctor of everything) this gift (the B-0rg temporal transmitter preferably in green).

1) The aforementioned pathetic gift last year needs making up.
2) Saved the universe.
3) Kept the TARDIS in generally good upkeep (even without a Detrahydrocorpro Meter 543 C Class that would've kept her temperatures at a reasonable level)
4) Did not break anyone's heart Managed to keep the heart-breaking to a relative minimal status
5) Saved the universe
6) Cleaned my room every week
7) Argued minimally with Donna
8) Did I mention I saved the universe? That should be worth a few points in my favor, I think!

So! That's eight to me and what have you got? You still have a -1 for that bad gift last year! I think I've proven my point! So, here's a copy of my current PO Box Address. Don't bother with Christmas Delivery, I never manage to make it back in time for Christmas, but you can leave it there and I'll pick it up after the Byzantine New Year.

Oh! And Happy Christmas! Tell Dasher I'm not still sore after that whole reindeer-games business.

The Doctor

Muse: The Doctor (Ten)
Fandom: Doctor Who
Word Count: 481

New Years
1) Silly hats
2) Nibbles table
----a) Preferred nibbles include:
-----------Little biscuits with sausage
-----------Sliced banana
-----------Sliced Celery (not this incarnation, thanks! -ed)
-----------Some variety of nut or root from current vegetative climate
3) Alcohol table
----a) Preferred alcoholic beverages include
-----------Hypervodka (terrible hangovers -ed)
-----------Champagne (it's really ridiculous how drunk you can get on such a little fizzy drink! -ed)
-----------Banana Daiquiris (it's all fun and games until Jack Harkness gets involved –ed)
-----------Lager (How can anyone drink this rubbish? –ed)
On second thought, nix the alcohol table and just try to have some good, clean fun.
D4) A suitable New Year destination. (It's no fun having New Year's on the 31st of August)

Intuitive Revolution Day
1) Silly hats
2) Various colored lights, preferably not Christmas-colored.
Note: Do not string on floor, barefoot walking on said lights is not pleasant at some early hour somewhere. –ed
3) Suitable music streaming from all radios of TARDIS
----Music considered "suitable"
-----------The Beatles
(When companion asks how a human band is suitable for a Gallifreayn holiday, DISTRACT! –ed)
4) Activities
----a) Brooding
----a) Reminiscing on being exiled followed by brooding
----a) Reminiscing on destroying home planet, being exiled, followed by brooding
----a) Reminiscing on being alone, destroying home planet, being exiled, to be followed by healthy brooding
----a) Remembering exactly what this holiday stands for
----b) Brooding

Valentine's Day
Removed from TARDIS databank at Doctor's request

1) Silly hats
2) Silver and blue streamers
3) Presents
----Actually remember to buy presents for this holiday
-----------No, honestly, Doctor, you can't forget this year.
4) Invite former Self out for drinks
(Remember to bring enough money for bail. At least for yourself if not him as well. –ed)

1) Silly hats
2) Bunny-shaped things, preferably candy
3) Egg-centric dishes, like quiche
(Remember to ask companion why eggs are such an important part of this holiday)
4) Chocolates
5) Activities
----Spend at least 3 hours with companion "egg hunting" for that one egg Susan never found your first year in the TARDIS. I think it's down in the lower wing somewhere, the smell's something awful.

Death of Omega
1) Silly hats
2) Grey streamers
3) Alcohol
----Remember to drink heavily and brag often.

November 1st
Your mother would want you to remember to do something to celebrate The Thirteenth Night. Light a candle or read some mimesis from Aristotle or something, would you?

Guy Fawkes Day
1) Silly hats
B2) Land somewhere with a bonfire
(Make sure you're not tied up to some stake on top of said bonfire)

1) Silly hats
2) Orange-and-red streamers
----You can never go wrong with streamers. Never!
-------Except that one time
-----------But that was hardly your fault!
3) Tablecloth and array of food
----And after that attempt fails, find somewhere that intergalactically delivers.
Note! Do not allow companion to convince you to go to any sort of American holiday gathering, especially "the first Thanksgiving". Blimey, that was a terrible experience!

1) Silly hats
2) Wreath outside TARDIS doors
3) Air of cheer and delight mixed with that of grumpiness and discontentment
----Some people find this interesting
----Others may try to kill you
4) Always make sure to add a little disaster
----See: War Machines
----See: Sycorax invasion
----See: Donna's wedding
----See: Titanic disaster
----See: Every bloody Christmas you've ever had. Honestly, this is becoming a bit of an issue!
5) Fruitcake. Everyone likes this as a gift! Scratch that, no one likes fruitcake, apparently The Last of The Azetrotians loves fruitcake and will stall your execution as long as you have it! Always have it!
6) Presents
----For humans, get them at least something
------Remember to take note of important fruitcake information.
7) Mistletoe
----Avoid it.

Boxing Day
1) Silly hats
2) Red streamers
3) Activities
----Figure out what exactly this holiday is supposed to mean
----Figure out where exactly this holiday originated
----Update 21st century information tools to explain these things

Muse: The Doctor (Ten)
Fandom: Doctor Who
Word Count: 707
I'll be pretty much afk for the next two days due to retail holiday and traveling about to see the spouse's family. Once back, I should be able to catch ALL tags.

Have a safe and happy holiday, darlings! And don't forget to watch Voyage of the Damned on BBC One Christmas Day at 6.50! *bouncesqueeglee* I expect to see Astrids out there for me to play with when I get back!

rude_not_ginger: (uuugh headscratch t-shirt)
( Dec. 13th, 2007 06:03 pm)
Right. So there's this meme going around with mistletoe and kissing? Apparently I missed it until today. Kept getting all these little messages with people and mistletoe and I just thought they were trying to help me prevent werewolves!

As it is, thank you all very much for, uh, wanting kisses from me. I apologize for the delays in said kisses, universe saving and all that.

Therefore! Here's my little contribution to kissing, because it's the season. If you've requested a kiss or would like a kiss, comment here. I'm not 2007 Tammy winner of Biggest Slut for nothing.

Happy Christmas!

EDIT: And here's the actual meme...

Two ways to play:

Request kisses from the Doctor.
If you'd like a kiss from the Doctor just comment here and let him know. He'll reply to your comment with a drabble of sorts that involves the kiss, or put up a thread to get that kiss on it's way. Or if you'd like a bit more control over the situation just start your own post and mark the entry locked to the Doctor, and leave me a comment here letting me know where the thread is and the Doctor'll be there!

Offer kisses to Others.
If you're feeling particularly bold or adventurous, post the picture in your journal, note that it's open to all, and let people ask for kisses from you. Give them at least a sentence or two in response, though--none of this "*kiss*" nonsense, that's no fun.

OOC: Silly little mun, I never read the meme until today! I'm so sorry for the delays. Anyone who'd like a kiss, go ahead and toss 'em in here and I'll have the Doctor lay one on ya. =D
Tis the Season and all that! Let's have some fun before pre-Christmas retail and planning drives us all batty And since we all know it's better to give than to receive...

Post the name of your character here and the Doctor will give you a Christmas gift! I'll write what he gives you and how he gives it to you!

OOC: Thank you to everyone for being so patient with my slow tags. Holiday retail's getting me down. This should help with some cheering. =) I'm still working on that rescue story, should get it done by the end of the week.I'm still working on that rescue story, should get it done by the end of the week. =) Happy Thanksgiving!
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( Feb. 14th, 2007 07:29 pm)
In regards to valentines and the like.

No, no, I did not forget anyone who put up a meme know something like that about valentines. I simply did not answer.

Valentines Day is a ridiculous holiday. What happened? I mean, think about it---St. Valentine? Man was marrying couples against his Roman Emporer's decree that soldiers should be unmarried. Noble idea, yes, but all it ended with was him getting his head lobbed off.


That, and there should be no reason for me not to tell the ones that I l---that I care deeply for that I do on any day of the year. Ridiculous human holiday.

OOC: Naturally, it had nothing to do with the fact that my browser is unable to deal with those meme things. Oh, c'mon. You know if he could he'd have one up himself to have people tell him how much they love him. Bastard.


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