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verse [active]: hms afr - One-on-one play with [ profile] galeforcehero with occasional play by [ profile] willrevile. The complicated relationship of a Time Lord and a fairytale, with a starship captain occasionally thrown in.

verse [active]: india - One-on-one play with [ profile] ambitious_woman as an offshoot of [ profile] relativespace where the Doctor erased his memories of the time he spent with Reinette in that game, while she retained them. Main posts can be found in [ profile] marked_by_you.

verse [active]: rewriting history - One-on-one play with [ profile] best_served_hot of the Valeyard's quest to bring the Master back into his universe. Main post for the entries is here.

verse [active]: still life - One-on-one with [ profile] pi_sparrow in which the Doctor and Sally traveled together and through their adventures, she developed a slow, terminal, alien disease.

verse [active]: tea for three - One-on-One-on-One AU with [ profile] everybody_lives and [ profile] morethananecho, chronicling the time-confused life of the Tenth Doctor, River Song, and Jenny. Main posts can be found in [ profile] tea_for_three.

verse [active]: two immortals, one tardis - One-on-one play with [ profile] quitehomoerotic of a romance/adventure spanning several centuries. Main post for entries is here.

If we write one-on-one and you'd like a specific verse setup, please let me know. <3
Heading out to catch tags and write stories now, but I wanted to share this lovely little analysis of the Doctor and sex written by [ profile] mistress_siana:

I imagine a Time Lord's attitude to sex a bit like this:

Imagine you're on a planet where everyone is absolutely crazy about chess. And I mean REALLY crazy about chess. Magazines are full of speculation about who's playing chess with whom. Married couples seek professional advice to improve their chess life. Some like threeway chess, some play chess in tight fitting latex suits, some play chess only with the lights out and insist that everyone else do the same. That planet's largest network is full of pictures of pretty people moving queens up and down, bloggers who discuss whether fictional character x likes chess in the first play, and every day you get hundred of e-mails telling you how to enlarge your king without side effects. Now, it's not that you don't like chess at all, every once in a while an interesting player comes along and you're tempted to get out your board, but generally? Wtf, planet?
Muse's Name: The Doctor
Mun name / nickname: MJ
Muse's Fandom: Doctor Who
Summary of Muse: Thousand-year old alien time traveller with a sweet jacket, an overzealous sense of righteousness, and a phone-box-shaped time machine. He's like fire and ice and rage and the night, but he's wonderful (apparently!) Travels with a plethora of companions, saves the universe and has tea.
Journal Content / Warnings: Fanfic and roleplay threads, public without filters. Anything adult content (sexuality or violence) will be clearly marked.
Looking for: New friends, new RP partners
Any other information: I love shiny things!
More from Majenta. As Doctor Who Magazine suggests following the comics as part of the "Survive 2009 Without A Series" article (here and here), I will continue to upload more the Doctor-and-Madge stories. And plz, someone pick her up? I'd love to have a Majenta to play against!

Please remember this artwork is not mine and is the property of the BBC and Doctor Who Magazine, only uploaded here for posterity's sake. I have legally purchased all of these Doctor Who Magazines and will continue to purchase them at the ridiculous price of $8.99 an issue until I can find the money to get a subscription.

The Stockbridge Child Part One written by Dan McDaid, artwork by Mike Collins

The Stockbridge Child Part Two
Part two and three of Thinktwice. Please remember this artwork and storyline is not mine and these magazines were purchased legally (I actually purchased the magazine that had P3 in it twice by accident!) I will upload the next story tomorrow.

ThinkTwice part two

ThinkTwice part three

C'mon kids. Give me some Majenta love. She's so amazing.

Also, icons? Anyone?
I have made the decision to make Majenta Pryce from the DWM comics part of this Doctor's canon. Why? Because she's an amazing companion and I think she should be! Like Frobisher, she's only a companion in the comics, but I adore her (though perhaps not as much as our favorite penguin-shaped shape shifter). EDIT: Sorry, I've been reminded that Frobisher was also in a few audios. Rather than simply dropping her on y'all as I originally intended to, I've decided to include copies of her canon here.

Also, internet. Why do you fail me? First, no rule 34 porn of Majenta and Zed. Second, no scans of the comic. None at all. So, I'm working on scanning them. Please feel free to read and to love her as much as I love her. My scanner is not the best and if you can't read something, just let me know. I'll upload part two and three of ThinkTwice tomorrow, and work on The Stockbridge Child as it develops.

Please remember this artwork is not mine and is the property of the BBC and Doctor Who Magazine, only uploaded here for posterity's sake. I have legally purchased all of these Doctor Who Magazines and will continue to purchase them at the ridiculous price of $8.99 an issue until I can find the money to get a subscription.

Hotel Historia story and art by Dan McDaid

ThinkTwice Part One written by Dan McDaid art by Martin Geraghty
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The Doctor has a PO Box on the planet of Postal in the galaxy of Sanheim, as specified in this ficlet of mine a while ago.

PO Box 5211M3411A

Please feel free to leave him any messages here.
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This is technically for [ profile] realityshifted, but can be applied to any universe.

Cut for length as well. )
UPDATED AS OF 25/01/09

As people participating in the poll were either indifferent or interested, I've written up a FAQ. To be honest, I did a bit of copying & pasting, so it gets rather tl;dr. I'll be posting this to the Doctor's userinfo.

My Doctor Who FAQ )

My OOC/Playing Style FAQ )

If you have any other questions you don't see here, please feel free to ask. I'll screen the comments. <3<3
What are five ideas/concepts/etc you keep in mind while writing your character that you believe are essential to accurately depicting them? Why did you choose them? How do they relate to the character’s over all persona?

1. The Doctor is 900+ years old. This is possibly the most important thing about the Doctor that makes it exceptionally difficult to play him. He's very, very old. He's seen civilizations start up and end just during his lifetime. The language of the people he met when he was 30 isn't spoken anymore. If every year showed he'd look like a cross between Gollum and Gir. He holds a very childlike innocence in regards to exploration, travel, and romance, but there's very little that he's not done. I have to remember to keep that aspect of him solid without making him too jaded.

2. The Doctor is the sum of his parts. I think it is impossible to accurately depict the Doctor in any incarnation unless you are familiar with the former incarnations. As the Fifth Doctor said in Five Doctors: "A man is the sum of his memories, you know, a Time Lord even more so." No matter how different the Tenth Doctor is from, say, the Third Doctor, that velvet-wearing, karate-chopping bloke is still inside of him. He even name-drops like the Third Doctor does. Not every Tenth Doctor can be played by a rabid watched-every-existing-episode-in-their-youth fan like me, but I think that knowledge of classic Who is essential to an accurate Doctor portrayal.

3. The Doctor will never settle down. There was nothing more terrible to the Doctor than being exiled and unable to travel in series 8. Why? Because he's a born explorer; a nomad. Even if happiness could be served to him on a silver platter, if it required staying put in one place too long, he wouldn't take it. That's what makes the Doctor so different from John Smith. John Smith wanted the slow path, the Doctor wants freedom. He's like a shark. If a shark stops swimming, it will die. No matter the situation, the Doctor can not stop trying to escape.

4. The Doctor can not become too serious. That's not to say that he can't be serious, that he can't get angry. Of course he can. It's the stab of irony ("You can't even sink the Titanic!"), the twisted sentiment ("Quite right, too.") , and the bloated ego ("I'd call you a genius, but I'm in the room.") that make a simple angry/heartbreaking/emotional scene into a scene that's about the Doctor. It's a very difficult side to him that can't be overdone (see: Tooth and Claw) or underdone (see: Last of the Time Lords) at the risk of making a serious situation seem silly or a dramatic scene seem sappy. So, when in doubt, I throw in some situational humor ("Can't believe it took me that long to reverse the polarity!") or a completely inappropriate reference ("No, wait, that's the Lion King.").

5. The Doctor is a hero. No matter the situation, no matter how dark I write him, I have to always remember that the Doctor is the childhood hero. He always fights for what is right. Not always what is good, or beautiful, but what is right. If he's not a hero, he's just some bloke played by David Tennant.
Alan Shore ([ profile] alan_shore):
Alexa Bond-Pierson ([ profile] no_bedof_roses:
Anna Walsh ([ profile] archaic_way):
Cody Jean Lane ([ profile] little_immie:
Gabriel ([ profile] onewingbloody): W: holymsgr@mountzion.hvn
Jack Harkness ([ profile] innuendocaptain):W:
KITT ([ profile] ki2k):
Loki ([ profile] trickster_loki):
Martha Jones ([ profile] notquiteadoctor):
Nyssa ([ profile] of_traken):
Rose Tyler ([ profile] banished_dame):
Rose Tyler ([ profile] doctorsplusone): W:
Ruby ([ profile] redhuntergirl):
Sam Winchester ([ profile] notantichrist):
Sarah Jane Smith ([ profile] sarahs_attic):
Sylar ([ profile] eternityticking):

Other Addresses:
John H. Holliday ([ profile] john_h_holliday): Marin House, Monterey, CA, USA
Eleventh Doctor ([ profile] eleventh_doctor): PO BOX 231767 Mail Centre, Greenford, London, England, 2365.
Christine Daae ([ profile] singchristine): Christine Daae, Comtesse de Chagny
Rue du Vieux Colombier Numero 2
Paris, France
Henriette ([ profile] stolehispurse: Henriette di Grimani
the Grimani residence
For the sake of my own sanity (and everyone else's), I'll be splitting the Doctor's posts into "verses" to keep track of exactly which Doctor everyone is interacting with. All posts in the coming year will follow the normal format, but will have an additional tag saying what verse they're from.

I'll work on backtagging all old posts over the next year. It's a long task, but it'll be good for me to re-read stuff I've done before. =D

Here are the verses… )

I will be placing a link to this post on my userinfo and in my "00: Information" tag.
"Hello, hello. Uh, this is the Doctor speaking. Well, one of them. Anyhow, I'm not here, not at the moment, at any rate. Please do feel free to leave me a message. Oh, right, nearly forgot. Remember to leave your name and what year you're calling from so I have a general idea where and when to get ahold of you.

"That's all, I think. Uh..."



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