"We'll be late," the Doctor called through the bedroom door. He gave it a rap and got a disgruntled grunt of affirmation in reply.

River Song was not one who often spent time dressing up. More often than not, the Doctor would arrive on her world for a visit and find her still in the dusty clothes she'd been at the architectural dig in, leaning over some artifact and incorrectly guessing what it was. He often said it was "endearing", if a little dirty.

But tonight, no, tonight was a special night. Tonight, River emerged from the bedroom in a floor-length dark red opera dress with her hair piled on the top of her head.

"Are you sure this counts as an anniversary?" she asked. She stepped forward and straightened the tie on his new suit.

On the best of days, the Doctor was not a romantic. On the worst of days he would wax on about how very much he hated the idea of domesticity and with romance came the domestics. But sometimes, on very special occasions, he would do something like this.

"Well, we're hardly on the same timeline, are we?" he replied.

"That's never made you want to celebrate an anniversary before," she said, crossing her arms.

"And when was the last time I took you to dinner? Besides, you'll love it. Berrillum food is unlike any other world. Slices of light cut into pasta and sprinkled with Vercasian sugars." He smiled widely and, as it often did whenever he visited while he was older, it didn't quite reach his eyes.

River nodded, and then passed him to put a note on the plate of hot tea and lemon biscuits she'd left for her usual Saturday visitor. Jenny, the Doctor's daughter, had visited often, occasionally making River's home her port of call. The Doctor hadn't mustered up the courage to speak to her. Not yet. But he would. River would convince him, someday, and they'd be a proper family, him and Jenny.

Out with your Dad for dinner. It's our anniversary, apparently. I'll bring you something back from Berillium. -R She placed the note delicately next to the ceramic teapot and picked up her handbag and journal before heading towards the TARDIS.

"If our anniversary only comes when I finish a journal," she said, "Then it's not quite our anniversary. I've got a page left."

"You can put tonight into it," he said. For a moment, the Doctor looked unbelievably sad. Sadder than she'd ever seen him. "Dinner and the Singing Towers. It'll be perfect."

"Perfect?" she asked, curious but not wanting to pry. "Willing to bet your life on that?"

He smiled then, small and tight. "Always."

Muse: The Doctor (Ten)
Fandom: Doctor Who
Word Count: 451
Your Daily Tweets )

Muse: The Doctor (Ten)
Fandom: Doctor Who
Word Count: 419
Shamlessly inspired by the awesome that is [livejournal.com profile] valrichards

Dear Jenny,

I'm on a Strethem Space Station right now, looking over at the largest clockwork machine in the universe. It's the Strethem Mechanoid Super Analyzer Mark 4. Basically, it's a giant thinking computer created entirely for the purpose of being the largest of its kind.

Sort of silly, if you ask me, all that brilliance just there to be the biggest and the best. I don't want to break the hearts of these scientists by letting them know the record'll be broken in under a dozen years by a couple of Zygons working out of their collective basements.

Still! You have to admire the way it's been built. Nothing in that planet-sized machine but cogs and gears! It's the simplicity of it that I like the most. It's all so simple, but it works like the most complicated nanocomputers.

Anyway, must dash. Hope you're doing well. It's nearly Christmastime in this section of space. Have you had a chance to learn about the Earth holiday, Christmas? I've included a video-chip, A Charlie Brown Christmas. Should teach you a bit!


Muse: The Doctor (Ten)
Fandom: Doctor Who
Word Count: 150
"I don't understand!"

She circles the TARDIS in confusion, her blue eyes wide and stunned. She steps inside, then out, then circles 'round it, then back in. She touches the coral walls and then hops out and runs her hands along the wooden outside.


"Bigger on the inside?" Donna, Martha, and the Doctor all reply with fond grins. Her excitement and confusion is something the Doctor's come to expect out of new companions. He will never admit it, of course, but he's actually quite glad she is excited. It wouldn't be any fun if she wasn't.

"Transdimensional interface," he calls out to his daughter.

She runs her hand along the door. "Transdimensional interface." She repeats the words with the same awed voice one hears in children talking about magic.

"We're never going to leave Messaline," Martha says with a sigh, crossing her arms. She starts, then digs for her phone in her pocket. "I should text Tom, he'll be worried, calling my flat and I'm not there." She turns and walks deeper into the TARDIS, the only thing on her mind the man waiting for her back home.

The Doctor leans against the console, watching Jenny run around and Donna leans against his shoulder. )

Muse: The Doctor (Ten)
Fandom: Doctor Who
Word Count: 5,735
This would never have been written without the inspiration and considerable help of the amazing [livejournal.com profile] morethananecho
For [livejournal.com profile] morethananecho

Dear Jenny,

I'm on Earth in 2014. I've decided to stay the week and have rented out a rather nice hotel room in northern Italy. Italy is a country on Earth. The country is marked by rich culture, beautiful music, and food with lots of carbohydrates.

This is a postcard of the shower in my hotel room. Now, normally it might seem strange for a father to send his daughter a postcard of the shower, but really this is completely interesting. The black tiles in the shower are heat sensitive and cause a variety of color changes depending on the heat of the water. It's called the "Northern Lights" tiles because the colors are always moving, referencing the human polar auroras that causes color variations in the atmosphere due to magnetism and I realized explaining this will take up more room on the postcard than I have. Remind me to explain it later.

Humans are so interesting, Jenny. Even such little, simple technologies like heat color transfer; they use it in the most creative ways.

I hope you'll get to see them one day.


Muse: The Doctor (Ten)
Fandom: Doctor Who
Word Count: 186
For [livejournal.com profile] morethananecho

Dear Jenny,

I'm on Earth again, in London. There's a vendor here that sells photographs of street art, I found this one strangely appropriate.

I know you haven't seen much of me, but I want you to know that I'm proud of you for being out there on your own. You're doing brilliant things, just like I knew you would. Well, you are my daughter, 'course you'd be doing brilliant things.

You're following your hearts, and that's the most important thing right now. Make your own rules, do a lot of running, cause a little trouble (but stay safe!)

I'm sure we'll see each other around soon in the present or the past (depending where I am). Won't be long until you find Sol 3, and I'm certainly around most eras here, in some incarnation or other. Oh, you'll love it here, Jenny. I promise.


PS: How's the little TARDIS doing? Do you need more TARDIS food yet?

Muse: The Doctor (Ten)
Fandom: Doctor Who
Word Count: 160
There are so many possibilities.

So many choices.

So many regrets.

He wonders what would've happened if he'd stayed back on Messaline for a few more hours. Or if he'd agreed with River when she asked him to come with her the first time they went on a date. If he'd had a proper romance in a proper world with a timeline that was all linear and straight.

Well, he reminds himself that a straight line may be the shortest distance between two points but it is by no means the most interesting. )

Muse: The Doctor (Ten)
Fandom: Doctor Who
Word Count: 1,967

Special thanks to [livejournal.com profile] everybody_lives and [livejournal.com profile] morethananecho for reading and especially for their brilliant ideas. This follows Jenny's storyline archived here. Jenny at the circus is an upcoming storyline of hers!
Based on the ongoing tales of [livejournal.com profile] morethananecho, following this story.

Her neighbors must think she runs a lot for stolen spaceships at the rate she's going. Not ten minutes after the stolen RMN-42 shuttle blasts off her back patio, a stolen Type 40 materializes in its place.

"Could at least give me time to clear away the dishes first," she mutters, piling the china teacups onto a tray.

But it's not as if she's really irritated to see him. Irritated at him? Well, that's pretty much a constant.

He steps from the blue box and he smiles. It's a tired-looking smile, but it's all him just the same. She remembers the first time she met him, him with the white in his sideburns and dark bags under his eyes. He's not quite there yet, she can tell. Certainly far from early days for him, but not quite that old. His sideburns only have wisps of gray and the darkness in his eyes hasn't taken over, not just yet.

She wonders what happens to him in between those times, what takes him from the lonely old man he is now and makes him into the sad and tired man he is when she first meets him.

He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a small diary covered in Egyptian hieroglyphs. She picked it out for him, like he picked out the blue one she has nestled in her handbag.

"Summer of the Seven Hills," he says.

"Oooh, you're a bit behind me, then," she says, smiling. "Just like you, showing up late."

He sticks his thumb in the direction of his ship behind him. "I could always leave and come back, if you want."

"No, seems like too much work. And besides, you'll just track more mud in."

He looks down at his feet and makes a face that's somewhere between 'oh, you noticed that' and 'sorry'. She sighs and moves the cold teapot to the tray.

'You just missed her,' she says. )

Muse: The Doctor (Ten)
Fandom: Doctor Who
Word Count: 1,880
[livejournal.com profile] everybody_lives, [livejournal.com profile] morethananecho, and [livejournal.com profile] notsomerrywidow used/referenced with permission.

At the beach.

Really, the Doctor should've been less irritated with the entire situation. After all, he was in his favorite pair of swim shorts (the one with the bananas on them), wearing a new pair of sunglasses and his favorite tie. After all, he wasn't fully dressed without his suit jacket.

Aaaaaand he had his family around him. Cut for general crack and spoilers to 4.09 'Forest of the Dead'. You know. Ish. )

Muse: The Doctor (Ten)
Fandom: Doctor Who
Word Count: 689
Based on various cracky!RP in [livejournal.com profile] sixwordstories with (here we go)
[livejournal.com profile] times_student
[livejournal.com profile] galeforcehero
[livejournal.com profile] perfect_shoes
[livejournal.com profile] runs_with_him
[livejournal.com profile] everybody_lives
And bunches of awesome Jennys!
Some turn to rambling round
Looking for a clean sky
And a drinking stream
--Banquet, Joni Mitchell

Dear Jenny,

I'm on Satampico 5. Everything is impossibly green. Especially the sky. It's enough to give one a bit of a headache after a while. All the same, it made me think of you and, well, that's why I'm sending you a postcard. I think it's the shocking brightness of it all.

Before you ask, Donna's doing just fine. Well, relatively fine. Well, once the ointment takes affect then the Venusian rash will go down and then she'll be right as rain. And no matter what she might write you and say, it was
not my fault that she ended up in that tree.

There's almost no plant life here. It's very eerie and somewhat startling, how smooth and ordered everything is. The coldness reminds me a bit of home. Well, my old home. Your old home too, technically. Just not nearly so colorful.

Well, that's all for now, I'm afraid! The guards have found my hiding spot and I'm off to running again!

Be safe!


Muse: The Doctor (Ten)
Fandom: Doctor Who
Word Count: 150
- "Parents can only give good advice or put them on the right paths, but the final forming of a person's character lies in their own hands."
- Anne Frank

Eight Simple Rules for Dating My Mostly Sort of It's All Very Confusing Daughter. )

Muse: The Doctor (Ten)
Fandom: Doctor Who
Word Count: 596
Based on and containing words from a very old meme.
You know the time to act is now
Before the sands of time run out
I know that I could never
Fall from grace, I'm far too clever...

It's like when you're young. Cut for spoilers to 4.06, 'The Doctor's Daughter.' )

Muse: The Doctor (Ten)
Fandom: Doctor Who
Word Count: 678
Apologies as this was not betaed prior to posting.


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