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The Doctor did not often shop.

There were plenty of other interesting places to go, things to do, people to see. Like, the crosswords. He could easily do the crosswords and that would be miles more interesting than shop. Or flossing! Good for the teeth, very fun, better than shopping.

Still, right now, the Doctor was shopping. The fact was, if he correlated going out for lunch (A) to the number of disasters he and Jack had to face (B), he'd come to the conclusion that B was directly related to A, meaning that (B|A) could be drastically reduced if he instituted C, groceries.

So, (B|A)=(A-C), would mean that B would have a negative quantity of C. So the Doctor attached a Follow Me drone to carry as many groceries as he could afford.

"One credit for a Churro," the Doctor commented, biting on the sugary concoction. "I'm not sure if that's even how much it costs to make one."
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When the Doctor woke, he was prepared to feel stiff and uncomfortable. Usually, when reaching that point of exhaustion, he usually found himself on the floor or on the console, in some sort of an awkward position that left him sore for the next day. This morning, however, he was out of his clothes and stretched out on his bed, under the covers with a heating blanket.

A breathing heating blanket.

He raised an eyebrow and looked to where Jack had an arm around him as he slept. The previous day came rushing back. Pearl Harbor, the goodbyes, the return of Gallifrey, being captured by the Shadow Proclamation, and finally nearly killing Jack. They came so very close. Too close.

Without really thinking about it, the Doctor found himself wrapping an arm around Jack's shoulder. Jack, who was ready and willing to die the previous day. And the Doctor was willing to give him that. He had been willing to give him that. Not anmymore.

Where could they go, now?

Onwards, of course. It was the only way they could go.

The TARDIS wasn't moving anymore, and the Doctor slowly extracted himself from Jack's embrace. He grabbed his trousers and shirt and threw them on quickly, heading towards the console, hopefully before Jack woke.
He is not a sexual man.

It's not because sex is unpleasant for his species. On the contrary, he's had encounters with those of his own kind that've brought him to mind-blowing pleasure. Even with a human, or another alien species, sexual acts are (in general), incredibly pleasing. The rush of blood, the heightened nerves, it's all very nice.

It's also not because of the general taboo about sex in his culture. Yes, it's ingrained in the minds of all Time Tots that sex is a barbaric and disgusting act, and yes, he sat in on a number of those classes. And yes, he did wear the high-neck head garment of the Time Lord, the one that blocked from view the immensely taboo back of the neck, where a Gallifreyan derived a good deal of sexual pleasure. But, really, the disgust his people found in sex fueled his desires, in his youth. His need to be rebellious made him far more promiscuous than his fellows, occasionally taking a lover (or even two!) every decade or so.

It's not even because of how messy the act is. Fluids and sweat and all sorts of things going into it just make the whole thing seem really unappealing, but he's been through far worse, really. And, if one charted out sexual pleasure versus messiness, the pleasure is far greater than the cost of a shower and a change of clothes or bedcovers.

It's just that the act…doesn't really interest him.

There are far more fascinating things out there, far more worlds to explore, more thoughts to have. Aliens and stars and nebulas and oh-yes-the-world-is-ending-didn't-you-notice? He can't really focus on that sort of thing when he's got so much thinking to do.

But humans! It's like a bloody disease with them! Cut for explicit sexual situations. )

Muse: The Doctor (Ten)
Fandom: Doctor Who
Word Count: 2,234
"Absence sharpens love, presence strengthens it."
- Thomas Fuller

He is waiting for Rose Tyler.


He hears her footfall across the grass on the edge of the forest.

There is only so much time, he has to remind himself. For a man accustomed to having all of the time in the universe, it's difficult to remember this. To remember that the time he spends walking to the place in the woods, the time he wastes on small talk, it all takes away from what little time there is.

No time for questions. She practically races across the clearing to him and throws her arms around him before he properly has time to react. She presses against him---crushes against him as she clings with all of the force she can muster.

And there, then, she's holding him. She's holding him and he's holding her and they are old lovers and best friends and lost souls and they are together. They have held each other many times like this before and they will hold each other many times like this again, but for now, right now, it is the first time. It is the only time.

"I missed you," she says.

They only have moments this time. She fades beneath his touch.

It is enough. Cut for explicit sexuality. )

Muse: The Doctor (Ten)
Fandom: Doctor Who
Word Count: 2,087
Partner: (canon) Rose Tyler
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For all that the Doctor hated the Time Agency (even more so after dealing with their fiasco regarding the Friera system), he had to admit that their vortex manipulators were surprisingly resilient. Also, fantastically waterproof, as he discovered after losing his lunch on the one he had post-flight, and rinsing it off in a stream.

He really, really missed the TARDIS.

Still, Sapiad Delta was an excellent local system, the planets tropical and wild, with only a few human settlements speckled about to change the landscape. He'd been here in his second incarnation, and he remembered the settlements well enough to plant one in particular into Jack's mind. Now, hopefully, he could meet Jack there.

Hopefully. Time Agency wipes did terrible things to a mind. Even Jack's.

He found the settlement fairly quickly and obtained himself a hut and let it be rather well known that his friend, an "ambassador with the Shadow Proclamation" might be dropping in. Hopefully that would mean Jack, not an actual Shadow Proclamation ambassador.
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Jack might've been a brilliant pilot all on his own, but the Doctor never did like giving up control of the wheel. Or the positronic space manipulator, in this case. He steered them swiftly down to Gamma Beta 9, where they were promptly arrested for endangerment of the crew. But, the Doctor still had the sonic and Jack had his charm, so that wasn't really all that long lived a stay. Once everything was sorted out, they were sent on their way with an additional 600 credits in their pockets, and the keys to a brand-new space hopper. With Jack's vortex manipulator attached to the helm, it would be the perfect TARDIS-chaser.

Well, would be, if it moved as fast as a TARDIS.

And would be, if the sonic actually managed to exactly pinpoint the TARDIS location. Instead, they wound up on the right planet (Assiap 7), but nowhere near where the ship was. They could've been miles away for all he knew. So, torch in hand, the Doctor led the way out of the hopper and out into the pale twin-moonlight of the new world.

"Right, we're not too far away, I can feel her out there," he said to his companion.
Also for this poll which requested Doctor/Martha humor, and for [ profile] marthajonesmd in the RS Kink Meme (request: Martha/any Doctor…Kink...oh, god, I fail at this bit. *browses list* Touching? Urgency? Sleep and bedding? OR THERE IS MY FAVORITEST TROPE EVER, SEX POLLEN.) It took me three months, but there you go!

It didn't rain in England quite like it rained here. Cut for explicit sexuality. )

Muse: The Doctor (Ten)
Fandom: Doctor Who
Word Count: 5,029 YA REALLY
The Doctor keeps the TARDIS parked outside of Martha's parents' home. It was just her Mum's house, but since the Valiant, since everything…they all cling to each other now. Tish clings to Dad who clings to Mum who holds on tight to Leo because she saw him die once and she never, ever wants to see that again. They all try to take their turns clinging to Martha, but she takes a wide step back and they don't follow.

She's colder. Cut for explicit sexuality. )

Muse: The Doctor (Ten)
Fandom: Doctor Who
Word Count: 2,897


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