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As the typist/writer/mun, tell us about what exact moment made you fall in writery love with your character (if they are a canon char) and realize you had to write them.

I've been a fan of Doctor Who since 1996, when my mother's online friend (from the alt.prisoner forum, OH 1996 ILU) from the UK, told her she should check it out. He'd always been a huge fan of the classic series, and he was psyched that his favorite Doctor, Sylv McCoy, would be in it. She turned it on over dinner, we enjoyed it, and watching Saturday night midnight Doctor Who became a ritual for the two of us until I went to college. I even wrote a little Doctor Who fanfiction when I was a kid, my first full-length DW novel written when I was 11. I look back on it now (because, oh yes, it is still on my harddrive) and cringe, but fanfiction is what got me interested in becoming a writer.

When I started writing at [ profile] theatrical_muse in 2005, I'd been interested in playing someone from the classic series. I hadn't yet seen the new series, convinced it would be crapping all over my childhood. I wrote for the Second Doctor for a while, but could never really find his voice. During that time, I discovered the new series was awesome and not suck at all, and decided I had to play someone from there, just to see if I could. Nine, I figured, because I had a wealth of classic Who knowledge I could put to use. But not Ten. Eww, no. He looked like a ferret and he wasn't Nine. (It wasn't until "Girl in the Fireplace" that I actually cared for Ten at all, actually.)

Then, after playing the Ninth Doctor (and totally loving it) at [ profile] apharsites, I mentioned joining TM with him to write prompts. My friend, [ profile] ibringlife said she'd prefer it if I picked up the Tenth Doctor. "Doomsday" had just aired and I had a new affection for the Tenth Doctor, so I decided, "Why not?" After all, if it didn't work out, I could always drop him after a few months, like I did with the Second Doctor. And, instead, he took off like a missile and was easy to write, fun, and interacted wonderfully with everyone who tagged him. He even interacts wonderfully with himself, so I've had some lovely Ten-chats-with-Ten threads in a few games.

And, it's been a few years, and I'm still loving it. &hearts
Excepting times where I've viciously slaughtered the entire population of Earth, these are the canonical companions and reoccurring characters I've managed to either kill off in my stories, or reference their unfortunate demise. Canonical characters who have died do not count unless they're referenced in my stories.

The Doctor
The Master
The Rani
The Duplicate Tenth Doctor

Adam Mitchell
Alan Jackson
Anji Kapoor
Astrid Peth
Barbara Wright
Ben Jackson
Bernice Summerfield
Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart
Charley Pollard
Chris Cwej
Clyde Langer
Dodo Chaplet
Donna Noble (Like, five times)
Evelyn Smythe
Fey Truscott-Sade
Fitz Kreiner
Grace Holloway
Grant Markham
Harry Sullivan
Ian Chesterton
Izzy Sinclair
Jack Harkness
Jackie Tyler
Jamie McCrimmon (he's next)
Jo Grant
Liz Shaw
Lucie Miller
Lucy Saxon
Luke Smith
Madame de Pompadour
Majenta Pryce
Maria Jackson
Martha Jones
Melanie Bush
Mickey Smith
Peri Brown
River Song
Rose Tyler
Roz Forrester
Sam Jones
Sara Kingdom
Sarah Jane Smith
Sergeant Yates
Stacy Townsend
Steven Taylor
Susan Foreman
Tegan Jovanka
Trix MacMillan
Victoria Waterfield
Vislor Turlough
Zoe Heriot

Muse: The Doctor (Ten)
Fandom: Doctor Who
Word Count: 182
1) Do you ever 'talk' to your characters?
Actually, I don't. I've tried, but it doesn't really work for me. I write for the Doctor, all right? He doesn't listen to anybody but the Doctor.

2) Do they talk back?
I've had "chatty muse" syndrome before. But for me it's like a constant ongoing story. Stories tend to come to me fully formed but in mix-matched pieces and I have to put the whole thing together later. I get the stream-of-consciousness stories sometimes, but they're generally in story form. I don't do very well with first person in writing and the Doctor doesn't "speak" to me, per say, but I do get stories for him.

3) Is there a particular ritual you have that lets you get in touch with your inner voices?
I re-read old threads that I thought were particularly good and watch episodes of the tone that I would like to write. This one clip tends to help as well, as it gives a good cadence on the Tenth Doctor's voice and speech pattern. It's basically two minutes of continuous talking.
You've discovered that Mun A's Muse rubs your Muse the wrong way despite all of your efforts to get along with them, how do you handle?

This is actually a fairly common occurrence with the Doctor. Considering his brash personality and tendency to be extremely rude, it's usually the Doctor who rubs Muse A the wrong way. All the same, bad guys and those without a strict moral background tend to rub the Doctor wrongly. Sometimes he's just dickish and won't want to be agreeable. He's this way in canon, too. His companion is almost always tapping him on the shoulder and reminding him not to be rude.

So, what do I do when my muse doesn't get along with another? Usually I just go with it. As people don't always rub each other correctly, I think it's completely fun to write it when my character has some sort of tension with another. It can potentially create fantastic dynamic.

Take [ profile] eternityticking. Sylar is a vicious murderer, and when the Doctor first met him he hadn't fully split to the kinder personality that Gabriel now has. The disgust the Doctor held for Sylar created some of the most fantastic threads I have ever done with anyone. The dynamic between the fighting characters creates wonderful drama which in turn creates a fantastic story.

This was one of the first threads that Sylar and the Doctor did together. In the thread, Sylar comes to confront the Doctor for some of the things they've fought over. The Doctor moves him into a different room and, in the end, tricks him into going on a journey with him over the course of several planets. By the time Sylar leaves the Doctor they are not rubbing each other correctly, but they now have history and their own adventure.

No matter how much fangirls may ship them, the Doctor and the Master will never rub each other correctly (or that way, either!), and that's why we love to watch them on the show and that's also why I love to write them together. If they got along, they wouldn't be enemies, and every Doctor needs their Master!

One of my primary RP-partners is [ profile] ambitious_woman. The two of us actually thrive on tension between our characters. In the [ profile] relativespace verse, they're probably fighting more often than they're being adorable. Why? Because tension is fun. No relationship is perfect, and the fights make the adorable moments more memorable. One of my favorite threads with the Doctor and Reinette is a make-up thread they had after a particularly cruel argument. The fight itself made the make-up so much more important.

Dramatic tension between muses in wonderful. It creates situations that can later be re-read with a climax (sometimes!) and resolution (sometimes!). I thrive on the disagreeable nature between muses and I think that people should be more open to talking to other writers about having their muses dislike each other, because it can be very fun and create wonderful, lasting friendships between writers who work together!

Muse: The Doctor (Ten)
Fandom: Doctor Who
Word Count: 486
You know how YOU write your muse. Now, pick out two other writers who you admire. How do you think they would each write a very short drabble of the same situation for your muse? If anyone would like, they can actually do this, and discuss the results. Nothing complicated. It can be as simple as a muse having a cup of coffee, ordering lunch, asking someone to dance. The exercise is in seeing the difference between how you see/write them and someone else would.

Several weeks ago, I asked other muns to write a prompt as my character, to compare how everyone would take the same situation and write it for him. The results were very interesting! I wrote this up before I put up the prompt, and I absolutely love the differences between everyone!

The prompt: Write the Doctor having tea first thing in the morning.


He gets up much earlier than any of his companions do. When he has companions, that is. Pads out of his room unshaven, his hair nearly a crown atop his head, and in his jim jams with his bare feet pressed against the grating on the TARDIS floor.

They never really see him like this. They sleep through most of the evenings. It's better that way, creates the illusion that he never changes. Which, in a way, he doesn't.

He does typical morning things. Makes some toast. Boils some water for tea. Prints out the latest edition of the paper local to wherever they're flying.

His kitchen cabinets are full of a variety of teas from all over Earth. Red teas and green teas and black teas and even some strange purple tea that Romana bought that he still can't bring himself to drink. He selects an Earl Grey from 1893 and picks up two blue china cups and saucers.

When he's in the middle of research or taking a quick tea break from some adventure, he has several sturdy, on-hand mugs that he uses. When it comes to breakfast? He picks china. The flavor of the tea is different in that sort of dishware. When he pours the water, there's a tinny reverberation of water against the sides of the cup. The sound of the cup moving to and from the saucer has a clear schhhhleeurrrrrrp sound that can't possibly be described but he finds rather satisfying.

In this incarnation he likes his tea strong but can't possibly wait to let it steep. He sets both cups in front of himself and works on the one while the other steeps, so that the very last sip of the last cup is perfect. He reads the paper and munches on his toast and drinks and manages to not really feel too terribly domestic.

It's almost refreshing, having a morning routine. Completely different from the rest of his life.

Word Count: 323

Other interpretations:

[ profile] eternityticking: here
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[ profile] ninewho: here
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Thank you so much to everyone who participated! I had a great deal of fun doing this!
Take a look at the muse list for the community. Pick a muse that your muse does not have interaction with now (unless it’s casual meta) who would fit in each category, thinking about your muse and their basic personality, lifestyle, normal behavior and interests. Go with a first reaction. Remember, it cannot be anyone that your muse has played with in anything but the most meta of interactions.

1. A muse that your muse could conceivably date.
2. A muse that your muse could conceivably hate.
3. A muse that your muse could do business with.
4. A muse that your muse could hang out with in a bar.

Talk about the reasons why.

1. By "date", one would of course mean "take as a companion", because the Doctor doesn't really do dating. Granted, he'll make a trip out to New New York involve picnicking and possibly candlelight, but it'll never be "dating to him.

That said, his "companion" of choice would probably be [ profile] ima_freakshow. Think about it! She's young, she's energetic, she's blonde, and dammit if he doesn't have to worry about her getting hurt if he isn't around. Normally the bad guy will put her on a rack and he'll have to get to her before they pull her apart, with Claire he just has to put the parts back together!

And while she's smart, she's not too smart, so he can still look exceptionally intelligent and make rude comments about how humans have such small brains.

2. Now, by "hate", one of course means "seriously dislike", because there are only a few things the Doctor hates. Bus stations (full of lost luggage and lost souls), burnt toast (yuck!), and unrequited love (tell that to Martha).

That said, he would "seriously dislike" [ profile] not_the_guy. He might empathize with some ideals Lindsay has, but in the end, he still had choices and made them. And they were wrong, standing for things the Doctor doesn't believe in. And the Doctor's not one for giving second chances.

Oh, and the Doctor does hate guns, which Lindsay seems to like. They would clash over that as well.

3. "Do business with"? I assume this isn't a sexual reference, because the Doctor isn't that sort of a man (despite all the snogging he's done in recent episodes). If "do business with" it means work towards some goal? Well…

In that case he'd "do business" with the crew of X-Men. They're awesome, he thinks so at least, and they stand for what's right. Like the Doctor, it's not necessarily what's perfect or beautiful, but what's right. He could work with them.

4. No, I can't think of anything witty for "hang out in a bar".

[ profile] ladieslovebill. I imagine they'd have a lot to talk about.

Muse: The Doctor (Ten)
Fandom: Doctor Who
Word Count: 464
My Doctor…

1. Has an ever-rotating timeline. Events and people all take place simultaneously. (Which makes canon-"fixing" easier when the series starts up.)

2. Talks loudly and quickly if for no other reason than he'll probably loose track of that train of thought if he doesn't say it immediately. In his defense, it is a fairly unstable and hefty train, so the thought of it getting derailed is fairly terrifying.

3. Was a pariah and exiled from the strict world of Gallifrey, and now longs for it with rose-tinted glasses, because while he may never have loved home, no longer having one changes everything.

4. Can not have children. Children were produced through Looming machines back on Gallifrey, and with them gone, it is impossible for him to reproduce.

5. Is half-human, as his human mother and Gallifreyan father Loomed him.

6. Loomed his own child with his wife at the time. This child later had a daughter, Susan.

7. Was neglectful of his child and upon losing him, doted terribly upon his granddaughter.

8. Travels for fun rather than duty, as he believes time travel should be. There is no chore in seeing the stars, only a sense of accomplishment.

9. Remembers every companion that he's ever traveled with and lost.

10. Recognizes his default state as "alone".

11. Except for the TARDIS, of course.

12. The TARDIS and the Doctor are now, and always will be my OTP. They are bonded in ways that people can't be, and have shared more than he and any human companion ever will. It is far from a Eros kind of love, but it is a complete connectivity to one another.

13. Is oblivious, in general, to human sexuality. It's all complicated, with hormones and needs and messy fluids and such. It's better to be oblivious.

14. Which does not mean that he does not recognize it when someone is sexually attracted to him.

15. It also does not mean that he has never had sex.

16. Being well over a thousand years old, he's had sex many times. Just…spread out over the course of many years.

17. After all, when intoxicated, it's not exactly easy to say no to a very insistent Benny. He also "danced" with Madame de Pompadour as opposed to simply dancing with her. And while he never talks about it, he was married in his youth, and he's met many men and women on many planets that he's shared an attraction with.

18. He didn't, however, make any sort of sexual move on Rose. He can't decide if he regrets this, or if he's glad he didn't spoil what they had with things he doesn't really understand.

19. Has known for a long, long time about how Martha feels about him. And Jack, too. Their feelings are not entirely unrequited, and while it seems like he doesn't notice they exist, he does.

20. He just knows that if he takes that extra step forward, he'll be even more heartbroken when the time has come for his default state to return.
"Hello. My name is the Doctor."

"Doctor who?"

"Just 'the Doctor'."

Muse: The Doctor (Ten)
Fandom: Doctor Who
Word Count: 11
Does your muse engage in and/or enjoy sex? Discuss your muse's sexual behavior and conduct.

Sex and Doctor Who. For shame, people, for shame. Don't you have other people's childhoods to screw up? )
Does your muse drive you crazy?

I don't think that the term "crazy" quite suits someone like the Doctor. Enigmatic? Complicated? Completely bananas? Those seem more suited to him.

I think that it's less the muse and more the fandom itself that drives me crazy. How complicated is it to write a pup with no canon? Very. He's Loomed, he's got a grandkid, he's half-human, he's more than a Timelord, and, oh yeah, there are many websites that are dedicated to estimating how old he really is.

Let's see, what do we know? We know that Peter Moffat once said that Doctor Who has no canon. KThanxdood, srsly. 40+ years of time and space travel does tend to contradict many things, and the Doctor has bounced around in age, time traveling, and even his species' genetic makeup.

And then there's the Time War. How bloody little is known about the Time War except that it killed all the Gallifreyans and a bunch of races, and that the Doctor was on the front lines. Speaking of not knowing, what's the Doctor's name? We don't know! Not that I think I'd want canon to suddenly supply me with one, but, still. It's the frustration of not knowing when you write for a character.

In the end, I'm forced to create my own "canon", deciding that the Doctor was Loomed, yes, with the Other and a human woman (mentioned only in the TVM), but into the form of a child, not an adult, as Lungburrow implies (and is contradicted in Black Orchid and Smith and Jones, with references to the Doctor's youth). He is sterile, but being Loomed from the Other, he inherited Susan as a granddaughter, as she was his biological granddaughter, and the imprint from the Other on the Doctor made her recognize him (canon, Lungburrow).

But then, canon goes around and contradicts itself. Again.

"I was a dad, once." - 2.11, "Fear Her"

Soooooo, we get a rewrite. The Doctor is sterile, but, with another Timelord, Loomed a child for them. The child grew up, Loomed its own child, Susan.

These constant rewrites tend to drive me crazy.


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