The Master was gone.

Jack was gone.

Martha was gone.

And there he was, the Oncoming Storm, the Bringer of Darkness, the Doctor. Contemplating a glass of scotch in a darknened bar just outside of Cardiff. He picked the location randomly out of one of Jack's old hand-written guidebooks for himself. Specifically labeled "A Great Place To Go If You're Miserable".

It was understandable why. The service was terrible, the place positively reeked of old liquor and cigarettes, and nearly half the lights had to be out, it was so dark. A couple was taking advantage of the darkness in one of the booths. An intoxicated woman read depressing poetry over a microphone on a tiny stage near the front of the bar. A man who obviously had more to lose than the Doctor was drinking himself into oblivion at a table.

It was almost enough to make him believe it wasn't so bad. He despised the taste of scotch, but it was stronger than wine, and banana daiquiris were for parties, not days where he was finding the human equivalent of feeling bad for himself.

This was what they did, wasn't it? Found a bar, got pissed, and it made them feel what? Better? Or was the intoxication enough that they could pretend that it was better?

He took a drink of the scotch, letting the liquor burn his throat. He supposed he'd find out.
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( May. 15th, 2007 01:11 am)
Dear Self (uh, the fifth one),

Something's wrong with Aislinn. She's still a kitten. Any way Byron and our little kitten-ed friend can catch a ride with you, try to figure out what's going on? I have to stop several Floranian vessels from crashing into the coast. My fault, it was an accident.


the Doctor

Dear Byron,

Uh, there's this blond bloke, he's me. He'll help you out. I think you've met him before?


the Doctor

PS: Must you sound so sad in your posts? It makes me want to hug you, and I can't imagine hugging you!
The Doctor is hiding.

The endless wastes of Eternity.

The plane on which the Eternals rested sat just at the edge of existence, so close to the void one could hear the rippling of time (thus, why the Eternals called it "the Howling").

To call the journey long would be quite an understatement, and despite the Doctor's desire to further explore the beacon that blinked off and on, there were more important matters, mostly Aislinn's health.

He worried for her, and he worried a bit for Byron, as well. What kind of bargain was creative energy for a soul? How could he blame Aislinn for that, either?

He had done it before. The Racnoss are born starving, is that our fault?

He believed it was. But that creature had no mercy, Aislinn did. She gave them...a choice.

Carrying two cups of tea back into the console room, he took a bit of a breath, handing one to her.

"Long trip, I'm afraid, 'nother twenty or thirty minutes we should be nearing the edge of the Eternals' home."
There had been too much hemming-and-hawing for the Doctor's liking on the picking up of what would be his two newest companions. This was really getting to the point of unacceptable. He had new friends and he wanted to show them the universe!

Besides, it really wasn't fair to promise them both time travel and then not give it to them. After all, humans lives were so short. Well, perhaps that didn't work for his two newest companions, but Rose...Rose would've liked to have had some time with them.

Giving his head a scratch, he pushed the coordinates to finally pick up Aislinn and Byron. Tour 'round the TARDIS, then some time off of Earth, yes? Yes. Definitely.
He's making a list, and he's checking it twice. So give Santa a list of the people in your life who are naughty...or nice...and tell him what to give them.

Dear Santa,

Dear Mr. Claus,

For Father Christmas,

To whom it may concern:

As you are quite aware, the Christmas season is rapidly approaching. I know that this is an especially busy time for you, so it is my wish to simply help out with your whole "naughty or nice" problem, and offer you some support in regards to who should get what presents among the people whom I have encountered this last year.

As my opinion is the most important, you will, of course, understand and take into account what I'm saying, right?

Here's the list. I went in alphabetical order, hope that helps.

The List For Your Consideration, Mr. Claus. )

That's the list, in the short of it. Oooooh, and as for me? Well, let's just say I've been very, very nice this year. Saved the universe a good couple of times, always managed to treat the TARDIS and my companions in good fashion and, oh yeah, saved the universe a good couple of times. I'm not going to ask much, just a token, really. A trifle. I would like a set of warm socks and a repair kit for my coat. Thing's got a hole in the elbow and it's been bothering me.

Happy Christmas!

The Doctor

Muse: The Doctor (Ten)
Fandom: Doctor Who
Word Count: 2,676

He was in the blue suit. The one that looked identical to his brown suit, only blue with red stripes instead of brown with blue stripes. He was verymuch a man, picking one outfit he liked and grabbing it in several different colors.

Along with the suit, he also picked up a boquet of flowers. It had been a very, very long time since he'd been on anything even remotely resembling a real date, and he didn't want to screw it up.

Though, he had no doubt he probably would. He was the Doctor, after all. He very nearly destroyed the world by mistake on more than one occasion.

Taking a bit of a breath, he hopped up the stairs towards Aislinn's hotel room.
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( Oct. 18th, 2006 12:05 am)
I'm not entirely sure how this happened.

All I know is I'm very, very irritated by this entire situation.

And it clearly is Rose Tyler's fault, however this happened.


And I kind of want chocolate.

OOC: Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the crack!ness of doom. The Doctor is currently a woman, thanks to the prankishhness of the Sam and the ideas of Rose. He will remain so for probably about a week, please feel free to tag him or drop me a line if'n ya wanna do a bit of goofing-off RP!

Remember, I'm a retail-workin'-mun, and sometimes threads get a little slowtimey.

All current-acting plots, including the AU with Reinette, the Stardusting with Rose and Byron, and the Faerie travel with Aislinn will continue as normal, consider the Doctor's transformation to just sorta take place in a different time to the rest!
At least Byron wouldn't be on the ship long enough to try to shag Rose. Just the idea of that irritated the Doctor in new and interesting ways.

Why was this Byron fellow getting under his skin? Maybe because he was the sort of capable, charming type that could take Rose away from the Doctor if he tried hard enough. Maybe it was because the Doctor had more than a few of Byron's poetry books, and therefore couldn't call the man anything but a genius in the literary sense.

So frustrating.

Not as frustrating, of course, as the TARDIS was being. It kept registering a non-human lifeform within the console room. At first the Doctor figured it was reading Rose (after the Time Vortex incident, she never did show up as fully human according to the TARDIS scanners), but she'd been gone for a good fifteen minutes, now, and the scanner shouldn't have been continually reading her.


He looked up and around the console room. Nothing was there...or was it?


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