Hello! You got to be President of the United States for a bit, recently. Hope you liked that. Now, you are the Sultan/Sultana of the Realmala Empire. You now control all of the world’s oil, diamonds, gold and bananas. You must select five (5) people for your harem, and two people to guard the harem from jealous invaders. Please note that these two people (if male) will have to be turned into eunuchs. The five harem members will be bathed, dressed in flimsy garments and given a potion that makes you irresistible to them. You will also need to select a General for your army of warriors. Have fun.

"How come people keep making you Prime Minister or whatever?" Donna asked, crossing her arms and staring at the gold-robed Doctor in annoyance.

"Beats me," the Doctor replied, taking a drink of his wine as he signed another document, "But, really, Donna, it's not that bad, is it? Get to have all the bananas and wine I'd like, and the place is fairly nice, don't you think?"

The "place" being the Palace of Realmania, of course. Looking a bit like Jasmine's palace from the outside (Donna's words, and the Doctor had to admit she was right) and the middle of a diamond on the inside, the place took pretty and turned it into something even more revoltingly beautiful. Everything was carved out of diamonds and glittering gems, but didn't overwhelm the senses with their sparkle. The floors were smooth and make a pad-pad sound with the bare feet of the servants and the guards.

Donna was impressed when they first arrived. That was before the people in the palace saw the Doctor's trainers and proclaimed him their Sultan. That was before their chief "wizard" (a telebiogenesist from Grenadreia with some skill in time-space portal manipulation) pulled anyone from any time to fill his harem, guards, and the general of his army.

"And why the bloody hell do I have to be a guard?" the Doctor sighed as Donna re-adjusted her breastformed plate mail. "This chafes in places I don't even want to talk about!"

"Yes, but you continue to talk about them." The Doctor sighed.

Donna crossed her arms, "How come?"

The Doctor leaned over his chair to her, Because I never, EVER want to see you in one of those outfits  )

Muse: The Doctor (Ten)
Fandom: Doctor Who
Word Count: 2,646
Use of Donna Noble, Jack Harkness, Rose Tyler, Martha Jones, Madame de Pompadour, Lord Byron, Gabriel "Sylar" Gray, and the Rani with permission from the muns.
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( May. 15th, 2007 01:11 am)
Dear Self (uh, the fifth one),

Something's wrong with Aislinn. She's still a kitten. Any way Byron and our little kitten-ed friend can catch a ride with you, try to figure out what's going on? I have to stop several Floranian vessels from crashing into the coast. My fault, it was an accident.


the Doctor

Dear Byron,

Uh, there's this blond bloke, he's me. He'll help you out. I think you've met him before?


the Doctor

PS: Must you sound so sad in your posts? It makes me want to hug you, and I can't imagine hugging you!

I don't enjoy seeing people in pain.

During the War, there were a lot of Timelords who grew quite a taste for it. For seeing lesser species injured, for watching them get wiped out like pestilence. I never did.

I know you probably don't believe me right now. )

I'm not going anywhere, Byron.

Muse: The Doctor (Ten)
Fandom: Doctor Who
Word Count: 818
Based on roleplay with [livejournal.com profile] the_corsair
There had been too much hemming-and-hawing for the Doctor's liking on the picking up of what would be his two newest companions. This was really getting to the point of unacceptable. He had new friends and he wanted to show them the universe!

Besides, it really wasn't fair to promise them both time travel and then not give it to them. After all, humans lives were so short. Well, perhaps that didn't work for his two newest companions, but Rose...Rose would've liked to have had some time with them.

Giving his head a scratch, he pushed the coordinates to finally pick up Aislinn and Byron. Tour 'round the TARDIS, then some time off of Earth, yes? Yes. Definitely.
He's making a list, and he's checking it twice. So give Santa a list of the people in your life who are naughty...or nice...and tell him what to give them.

Dear Santa,

Dear Mr. Claus,

For Father Christmas,

To whom it may concern:

As you are quite aware, the Christmas season is rapidly approaching. I know that this is an especially busy time for you, so it is my wish to simply help out with your whole "naughty or nice" problem, and offer you some support in regards to who should get what presents among the people whom I have encountered this last year.

As my opinion is the most important, you will, of course, understand and take into account what I'm saying, right?

Here's the list. I went in alphabetical order, hope that helps.

The List For Your Consideration, Mr. Claus. )

That's the list, in the short of it. Oooooh, and as for me? Well, let's just say I've been very, very nice this year. Saved the universe a good couple of times, always managed to treat the TARDIS and my companions in good fashion and, oh yeah, saved the universe a good couple of times. I'm not going to ask much, just a token, really. A trifle. I would like a set of warm socks and a repair kit for my coat. Thing's got a hole in the elbow and it's been bothering me.

Happy Christmas!

The Doctor

Muse: The Doctor (Ten)
Fandom: Doctor Who
Word Count: 2,676
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( Oct. 18th, 2006 12:05 am)
I'm not entirely sure how this happened.

All I know is I'm very, very irritated by this entire situation.

And it clearly is Rose Tyler's fault, however this happened.


And I kind of want chocolate.

OOC: Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the crack!ness of doom. The Doctor is currently a woman, thanks to the prankishhness of the Sam and the ideas of Rose. He will remain so for probably about a week, please feel free to tag him or drop me a line if'n ya wanna do a bit of goofing-off RP!

Remember, I'm a retail-workin'-mun, and sometimes threads get a little slowtimey.

All current-acting plots, including the AU with Reinette, the Stardusting with Rose and Byron, and the Faerie travel with Aislinn will continue as normal, consider the Doctor's transformation to just sorta take place in a different time to the rest!


What Happens When a Mun Decides To Use Flavor Text and It Becomes a Plot All on Its Own

Now, it really, really would've been unprofessional for the Doctor to have gotten bored while waiting for Byron. He should've been thinking of all the ways that Byron could've been messing up time, what he could've been doing with Reinette, all those fantastic and wonderful things.

Of course, that would lead to extreme upset and a raging sort of jealousy.

Which, naturally, the Doctor would not have approved of. So, he busied himself with thinking of other things, like how many roundels there were in the console room. To do so, he was, of course, going to have to be comfortable, so he stretched out on the captain's chair.

Counting roundels? Very much like counting sheep.

He might've been snoring just a bit.

Cutely, though.
The Doctor flipped a few final switches on the TARDIS console, adding the information he'd just recieved about Aislinn into the systems, should he ever run across another muse like her again. Well, he doubted it would be exactly like her, but...the same genus at least.

He turned, picking up the teacups that were left behind. Funny, he would've thought Rose would've been back by now. The sound of a familiar key in the lock made him look up. Speak of the devil...
On the Doctor's very own personal list of stupid ideas for this century, taking Lord Byron---poet, seducer and Rose's current crush, of all the bloody stupid things---to see Madame de Pompadour was up there somewhere in the top ten, possibly only behind that time he decided to call King Lucius of Farenzworth's wife a "drabble of primordial slime" while rather intoxicated.

There was the concepts of history to consider, there was the time distortion and ripple affects that Byron's presence in the 18th century, and there was also the matter of Reinette. The Doctor had mourned for her, privately, for some time, and seeing her again (on top of the ripples it would cause) would only reopen a scabbed wound.

He scowled a bit at himself, at his stupidly bendable will to Rose, and flipped a few switches on the TARDIS, setting courses and checking fluid levels. If all went well, he'd have Byron there and back in a few moments. If a fluid level was down or something malfunctioned, he might've been stuck with the man for longer.


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