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Where she needed to be. Whatever that meant, it couldn't have been good, the Doctor supposed. Still, he didn't have any intention to move her out of the TARDIS, even when his instincts were telling him---

Well, they weren't telling him she was evil really. Just that she had a lot of secrets, and a lot of them involved him. He wasn't sure if---

Suddenly, the TARDIS shook violently as she made a rather unpleasant sounding landing. He gripped the console as she settled.

"What was that about, eh?" he asked, looking up at her. "Where've you taken us? Some sort of temporal disturbance, brought us down. That's odd."
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River could feel his eyes on her. This was trouble. She knew it was trouble. She'd lived most of their life together and next up was her death, but here she was changing their future. And even if she should mind, she didn't. She was just scared of what that future might mean for her.

"I didn't do it," she said immediately and came up close behind the Doctor to see what the console said.
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"Doctor, I'm hurt that you think I'd do anything to hurt the TARDIS." She slid her hand over the console and then wandered over to meet the Doctor. "You know, I think you're just jealous that she likes me."

She pats along her side just to make sure she has her gun on her and holstered and then she nods. "Ready when you are."
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"I'd say no earlier than the 1930s. Look at the architecture. Sleek and modern for the period. I'm not sure how old the buildings are, though. It could be 1930s architecture in 1930s or in the 2030s."

She pushed gently on the small of his back to push him out of the TARDIS.
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"Popular? Maybe not, but there are still buildings around from the 1930s a hundred years later," River pointed out. She watched him go for a minute and then followed him...walking normally. She was fairly certain that there was no reason he was bouncing to and fro beyond his own amusement. Secretly, she was amused, but outwardly, she just shook her head.
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"Time difference?" River suggested. She put her hands up to her mouth and shouted a hello. All she heard was her own echo. "Maybe the people are out of synch with us? I heard something like that happened to you, once, and no. That wasn't a spoiler." That had been an incarnation the Doctor had seen fit to share with her since he'd considered it safe. He'd probably considered this incarnation safe, too, and yet here she was.
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"Beautiful," she murmured as she looked outside. They were in a bubble and it looked like they were submerged. The two of them, No, she couldn't give into that kind of sentiment. He wasn't her Doctor, yet, and he couldn't be. He just would be some day.

"All right, so we're under the water and, if the people are here, they're hiding. But they breathe oxygen and apparently have legs. Or some kind of way to move that isn't through the water."
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"Are you sure those aren't thanks to the TARDIS' telepathic circuits?" River teased. It was, after all, quite easy to forget that a certain language wasn't the language you just expected to hear.


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