While I sincerely doubt I will move, anyone who would like to transfer to Dreamwidth is welcome to friend me at rude_not_ginger.

I will hold out as long as I can, of course. The fact that I am completely unable to use any userpics or open long threads in smaller, individual threads is starting to wear on me.
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I can do those things - I just turned on customised comment pages.

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Customized comment pages look like, well, customized pages. I like the classic S1 style for my RPing. I don't think there's a customized type of thing (yes, I am intelligible right now) to make all of my pages look like that.

idk. I just hate that they're fixing things that aren't broken and breaking them even more.

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Whoa... this is weird.

Anyway, I will definitely follow you to Dreamwidth.

From: [identity profile] rude-not-ginger.livejournal.com

I know, right? Not-so-secretly, I'm hoping they'll change it back. I don't understand why they're "improving" something that isn't broken.

From: [identity profile] alan-skater-boy.livejournal.com

Yeah, jeez. Can't even get a subject line here.


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I've got most of my accounts on IJ since I'm an icon whore and it saves me from buying icons for all my muses lol. Have you added your voice on their posts? I've seen a few permanent account holders comment. I think the English side of the staff is listening but their voice against the Russian side I don't think has a lot of sway. But. Permanent account holders prob pack a bit more punch.


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