Just finished up finals, struggling to make it through the holidays. Should be back for some tagging later today! I hope! I'll try!

If I'm not, don't forget:

The Doctor, The Widow, and the Wardrobe
on BBC One, Christmas Day!

Have a Happy and Heartfelt End of the Fiscal Fourth Quarter, Everyone!
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Totally missed this post.

I loved it!

But I'm not a hundred percent sure why I loved it!

I liked Matt Smith, I liked the guest cast (great ensemble there), I loved the bits and pieces that never quite blended together into a cohesive plot, I loved the last few minutes!

But, dammit, as mind-bending and ridiculous as the Master and Time Lords were in End of Time (I sadly have to admit that my dislike has boiled into hate as time goes on... but I don't WANT to hate it!), at least Rusty made some attempt at disguising his throwing everything he wanted at a brick wall into a plot!


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