As I've said, my new flatmate is [ profile] best_served_hot. Sometimes we have...conversations. They happen on a ridiculously regular basis.

Me: (complaining about someone making me frustrated in RP)
Her: Can the Master kill her?
Me: No.
Her: Can the Master---
Me: No.
Her: He'll put her back together...maybe!

I also play Minecraft on a fairly regular basis. I like to play games with the NPC villagers. That involve TNT. Mostly because their superior building technology annoys me. I also play this Doctor as the Valeyard with [ profile] best_served_hot in an AU. Flatmate and I have full conversations about what they are thinking during these expeditions.

Me: I should really put some lava there.
Her: That one villager is getting away.
Me: It thinks it's getting away.
Her: If you put water there, you'll drown it.
Me: Or embed it in cobblestone.
Her: Ooooh.
Me: You know what would be better?
Her: Making one of the zombies burn up in the sunlight and having that set off the TNT you've put all over the villagers' houses?
Me: ...yes.

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